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2 Arizona residents hospitalized after suffering dog bites

One Arizona man's five best friends turned vicious near the end of August and attacked a woman and the man who owned the dogs. Both victims were transported to a nearby trauma center for treatment of their injuries. According to reports, the first responders who arrived at the scene witnessed the violent and bloody attack by the owner's five mixed breed dogs.

Animal bites and rabies in the modern world

When talking about animal bites, one would be remiss in not touching on rabies. Even in the modern world, this terrible illness can wreak havoc on animals and humans alike. Many people living in Arizona believe that rabies is a thing of the past, but this condition can still pose a serious health risk to the public.

Bitten by an animal? Don't ignore your legal rights

Imagine you are walking through your neighborhood with your child. You are enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine when suddenly you notice that your neighbor's dog, which is usually kept inside or fenced in the backyard, is sitting in the front yard. As you get closer to the house, the dog sees you and runs at you. Luckily, your child is safe but you wind up with a small bite wound.

Bitten by a dog? What does Arizona law say about animal bites?

Whether you are out in public or were invited to someone's private property, it is a good idea to be wary of dogs since they can be unpredictable. Animal bites can cause serious injuries and infections, and you could require significant medical attention, lose income and sustain other damages as well depending on the severity of the injuries. You do have legal options in this case, and Arizona law imposes what is called "strict liability" on dog owners.

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