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4-vehicle accident in Phoenix leaves 1 critically injured

Every Phoenix driver takes the risk of getting hurt or killed in an auto collision when he or she gets on the road. Just the same, passengers in these vehicles are also at risk of suffering serious injuries or death in the event of a crash.

Nevertheless, modern society dictates that virtually every person must get on the road at some point to get to work, go shopping, take the kids to school and fulfill other daily needs.

Nevertheless, the risks of getting hurt in a car crash are always there, and a recent collision that happened in on 7th Street and Roma Avenue is proof of this fact. At approximately 7:45 on a recent Sunday, the Phoenix Fire Department received a call that a four-vehicle crash had occurred.

As a result of the accident, four people suffered injuries. One of them was critically injured and required hospital care.

At this time, police have yet to reveal who was at fault for the crash. However, once police have issued their report on the incident, the injured parties in the accident will be able to decide whether they have viable personal injury claims to pursue financial damages.

In the days following this crash, the decision of injured parties to pursue personal injury claims will no doubt be a personal one; however, it could also be a financial one. Especially for individuals who do not have independent health insurance, a successfully navigated personal injury claim may be the only way that they have to pay for the medical care they require to get better from their injuries.

Source: ABC 15 Arizona, "Phoenix Fire: 4-car crash in Phoenix, 1 person in critical condition," Sep. 10, 2017

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