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Why should you see a medical provider immediately after a crash?

After a crash, you might not feel too bad, but don't let that fool you. Adrenaline can disguise many injuries, simply because your body is trying to keep you alert and ready to flee or fight.

You need to see a medical provider after a crash no matter how you feel. At the scene, you shouldn't admit to feeling fine. Allow the medical provider to do his or her job to determine if you are okay or not.

Why go to the doctor if you don't feel unwell?

The first reason is above. You may not realize that you're hurt. A doctor has the tools to recognize injuries you may not know about yet. Your health is the most important thing to worry about after a crash, so don't take any risks.

Another reason is to start a paper trail for a medical claim and insurance negotiations. After a crash, you may need to have your vehicle repaired, and the insurance company also needs to know about your physical condition. If you're injured, then you should be compensated for the driver's negligence.

What should you do after getting medical help?

After you get medical help, keep all the documents you receive. Keep medical bills and receipts so that your attorney can help you submit them to the insurance company. These help define the injuries you suffered and can help your attorney negotiate a good settlement for you that takes into consideration your current medical needs and lost wages as well as the needs you may have in the future.

No matter how you feel after a crash, getting medical help is important. It takes only a few hours to make sure you're healthy and that you have what you need to file a claim with the driver's insurance company.

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