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Head injury due to a vehicle accident can have long-term effects

The immediate aftermath of a vehicle accident with injuries is nearly always traumatic. For many, it is a confusing and chaotic time as the body and the mind attempt to recover from the initial shock caused by the accident. Sometimes, injuries are readily apparent from broken bones to internal bleeding. Other times, the full extent of the victim's injuries does not reveal itself until a later time.

Head injuries are an example of damage that may not manifest until sometime after the accident. Victims who have suffered head injuries often think they have recovered fully from the vehicle accident. They return to their lives feeling better only to begin suffering strange and often unaddressed symptoms. Unfortunately, the life-changing effects of a head injury can last a lifetime even if they do not appear immediately.

As injury attorneys serving Phoenix residents, we have seen an unfortunate number of cases in which a victim suffers a head injury because of a vehicle accident. These victims did not realize the extent of their injuries and so chose to pass on the opportunity to pursue compensation. As such, they may now have to pay for their much-needed medical treatment out of their own pockets.

We want to make sure all Arizona residents understand the importance of taking immediate steps to ensure they do not fall through the cracks. This means seeking a thorough medical examination to rule out short- and long-term head injury. It also means following up on the initial examination to ensure no misdiagnosis occurred. This is especially important if unexplained effects begin to manifest.

Take a look at our head injury webpage if you need more information about these kinds of injuries. We can also advise you about the compensation options available to victims like you.

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