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Deadly truck accident kills 2 Arizona teens

All vehicle accidents have the potential to take lives, but crashes involving tractor-trailers are often more serious. The larger vehicle—in this case a semitruck—and its occupants usually comes out of the crash in better condition than those in the smaller vehicle do.

The residents of Fountain Hills, Arizona, know that better than most after a recent vehicle accident involving a semi and a passenger vehicle left two teenagers dead. According to reports, the vehicle accident occurred on SR-87 near Shea Boulevard at about 7:30 on a Thursday evening. Early information from the Arizona DPS (Department of Public Safety) indicates that the truck appeared to have run a red light before colliding with the car.

The collision forced both vehicles into other lanes on the highway and involved additional cars. Two passengers in the first vehicle died as result of the accident, one at the scene and the other in a hospital. The two deceased passengers were a 15-year-old male and a 14-year-old female. Five other people involved in the accident received medical treatment at nearby hospitals.

A witness, who was also involved in the crash, reported that the scene was chaotic and that the tractor-trailer rolled over during the incident. She also reported that the truck driver "just kind of broke down" when he learned that kids were involved in the accident.

Reportedly, the truck driver said that the light was yellow, but the DPS believes it was red at the time. The DPS reported that the investigation was ongoing and that it was looking into distraction, which is a form of negligence, as a possible cause.

Source: ABC 15 Arizona, "Two teens killed in crash involving rolled over semi-truck on SR-87," July 25, 2017

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