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August 2017 Archives

Head injury due to a vehicle accident can have long-term effects

The immediate aftermath of a vehicle accident with injuries is nearly always traumatic. For many, it is a confusing and chaotic time as the body and the mind attempt to recover from the initial shock caused by the accident. Sometimes, injuries are readily apparent from broken bones to internal bleeding. Other times, the full extent of the victim's injuries does not reveal itself until a later time.

How does an underinsured motorist accident claim work?

Unfortunately, a great many drivers in Phoenix do not have adequate auto insurance. This leaves victims of motor vehicle accidents struggling to find compensation in the aftermath. The problem of inadequate auto insurance is not localized to the Phoenix area; it is an issue that affects all residents of Arizona as well as those residing in other areas of the nation.

Animal bites and rabies in the modern world

When talking about animal bites, one would be remiss in not touching on rabies. Even in the modern world, this terrible illness can wreak havoc on animals and humans alike. Many people living in Arizona believe that rabies is a thing of the past, but this condition can still pose a serious health risk to the public.

What are the top causes of negligent vehicle accidents?

Almost everyone old enough to drive uses a motor vehicle regularly. Citizens in the Phoenix region of Arizona have come to rely on these machines to take them where they need to go as quickly as possible. Most people feel very confident that they can avoid vehicle accidents, but as you may already know, accidents can come out of nowhere.

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