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Animal bites can make you sick as well as injured

People across the nation love animals. They provide companionship, joy and love. Most of the time, animals pose little risk of injury but sometimes an animal, even a friend's trusted pet, can nip or bite humans.

Arizona is home to many pets, making those who live in our state at risk of suffering injuries from animal bites. While an animal bite can range from mild to severe, we want you to know that the consequences of animal bites can continue past the initial injury.

We are talking about infections that may arise after a person is bitten by an animal. Often unexpected, animal bite infections can cause victims to sicken and suffer far beyond the bite itself.

Animal bites can become infected for many reasons. Certain parts of the body such as the hands have a harder time fighting infection and sometimes the bacteria present in an animal's mouth can lead to infection. Below are a few signs that an animal bite is infected.

  • Red streaks appear near the bite area
  • Fluid or pus oozes from the bite
  • Chills or fever occur
  • Tenderness near the bite area
  • Reduced sensation near the bite area
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Muscle tremors or weakness

Obviously, preventing an infection is critical following an animal bite. Unfortunately, many victims fail to seek medical treatment after the bite occurs unless the injury is very serious. This is especially so if the victim knows the owner of the animal.

As lawyers serving residents in the Phoenix area, we want to let you know that you should always seek a medical opinion after an animal has bitten you. If your injury should worsen or a serious infection occurs, you will need a medical provider's report to pursue compensation for your injuries. Please visit our website to learn about the laws surrounding animal bites in Arizona.

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