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Arizona working to stop wrong-way driving

In 2016, just two people were killed in wrong-way accidents in the state of Arizona. By the summer of 2017, a full seven people have already passed away in these accidents. Two recently died on State Route 51, and another driver died while hitting a commercial vehicle not a week before that.

The state's governor, Doug Ducey, knows that these accidents are a serious issue. He put out a statement saying that he wanted to crack down on drunk driving and find a viable solution. He said he's told the Office of Highway Safety, the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Transportation to meet and discuss potential moves.

After the officials have come up with a short-term plan, spanning the next two or three years, they'll present it to the governor.

The DPS director did say that the focus of the campaign had to be on education, not arrests. He even said they "can't arrest our way" out of trouble.

Part of the problem is that these accidents may be pure mistakes. People aren't intentionally driving the wrong way, skirting the law on purpose and hoping not to get caught. They're mistakenly getting on the interstate and going in the wrong direction. Educating them to ensure that they don't do so in the future may be the only thing that cuts back on the tragic accident stats.

Have you been hit and injured by a wrong-way driver? Has a loved one been killed in an accident? If so, it may be wise to look into your rights to financial compensation.

Source: The Republic, "Gov. Doug Ducey wants Arizona to get serious about stopping wrong-way drivers," April Morganroth and Yihyun Jeong, June 08, 2017

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