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Dog mauls, kills 3-week-old girl

The horror is unimaginable. Far from us in Phoenix, a three-week-old girl was killed when one of her family's three pit bulls attacked her.

According to news reports, the baby was left unattended with the dogs for five minutes. When an adult returned to check on her, she had sustained severe dog attack wounds from which she would never recover.

The baby was left unattended in a bouncy chair in her Michigan home, officials said. Only the three pit bulls were with her. When an adult returned, the little girl had severe injuries that included a bite to her head.

One of the dogs had blood in its mouth, the Inside Edition report stated.

The baby was rushed to a nearby hospital where emergency surgery was performed. However, she died a few hours later.

Residents in the neighborhood said the dogs were dangerous. The animals were described as "mean and vicious."

The dogs sometimes escaped the fenced yard and chased people, according to the report.

Police have not arrested anyone in connection with the little girl's death.

"The breed of a pit bull, by itself, is not enough to condemn it; any dog can bite," said a Grand Rapids police department spokesperson. "This serves as a critical reminder to never leave a child unattended around a dog."

Some dogs are indeed dangerous and vicious. And when they bite neighbors, passersby, innocent children or others, the damage can be extensive and permanent.

If you have been bitten, you can contact a Phoenix law firm experienced in dog bite litigation.

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