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Affordability and luxury collide in Scottsdale

Hyundai is known for its affordable vehicles, while Mercedes is renowned for its pricey German engineering. The Italian supercar Lamborghini is in a league of its own, however, with even its most affordable model resting comfortably in the $200,000 range.

The three met recently in a car crash in a Scottsdale intersection. The Hyundai barreled into a nearby office building through a window and came out the other side. Relieved law enforcement officials said no one in the crash suffered serious injuries, though damage to the cars appeared extensive and expensive.

The collisions took place near the intersection of Via de Ventura and Hayden Road. Police said they do not believe drunken driving was a factor in the crashes, though an investigation is continuing.

The incident began when the Hyundai and Lamborghini slammed into each other in the intersection, The Hyundai then veered north into oncoming traffic, smashed into the Mercedes that had stopped for a red light and then went over the curb, across a lawn and into an office window.

It went through the office and came out a north-facing window and then took out a stop sign before coming to a rest beneath a pedestrian bridge.

Law enforcement officials said that fortunately, no one was in the path of the car as it careened through the windows and office.

"It doesn't appear there was any structural damage to the building itself," said a police officer on the scene. "Luckily the driver of the car going through the building was okay as well."

It sounds as if everyone involved was fortunate to escape serious injury. For those less fortunate in car accidents, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you pursue full compensation for all damages.

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