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More self-driving vehicles merge onto Phoenix streets

It appears that the Phoenix metro area is rapidly turning into ground zero for high-tech companies eager to test their self-driving automobiles. Google is the latest company to offer the public the change to ride around the area in an autonomous vehicle.

According to a recent news report, the online giant is testing self-driving Chrysler minivans in a ride-sharing service. As our regular readers well know, Uber has been testing its autonomous Volvo SUVs in a Tempe experiment that supporters hope will eventually result in reduced numbers of motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities.

The magazine Autoweek says that Google has been having its employees test its service in Phoenix without fanfare for a couple of months. The self-driving car service, called Waymo, is bulking up, however, adding another 500 Chrysler Pacifica minivans to the fleet.

Phoenix residents can file an application to join an early rider program, Autoweek states, though no official launch date for a universal rollout of the service has been set.

According to Autoweek, Google’s technology differs from Uber’s, with new displays and controls for riders in the self-driving vehicles, all to make people feel more comfortable in handing over steering, braking and acceleration to an onboard computer and its laser sensors.

In fact, Waymo is suing Uber over the design of the sensors used on Uber’s autonomous Volvo SUVs.

At this point, both Waymo and Uber send out employees to accompany riders in Phoenix and Tempe in the self-driving vehicles.

Will the new tech eventually eliminate car accidents? No one knows, of course. Until that day arrives, our experienced attorneys will continue to help injury victims pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages and more.

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