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January 2017 Archives

Bitten by an animal? Don't ignore your legal rights

Imagine you are walking through your neighborhood with your child. You are enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine when suddenly you notice that your neighbor's dog, which is usually kept inside or fenced in the backyard, is sitting in the front yard. As you get closer to the house, the dog sees you and runs at you. Luckily, your child is safe but you wind up with a small bite wound.

Tempe man with 3 DUI arrests charged in fatal crash

A Tempe man who has already been arrested three times for drunken driving is under arrest again. Thirty-three-year-old Joey Anthony Olsen is now facing a manslaughter charge after police said he was again drunk while behind the wheel, ran a red light and smashed into another vehicle in a Chandler intersection.

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