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October 2016 Archives

Slowing down big rigs could save hundreds of lives per year

The giant trucks rolling at high speeds on interstates 10 and 17 are heavy, difficult to maneuver and impossible to bring to a quick stop. Everyone understands that they are carrying goods in and out of the Phoenix area vital to the economy and residents, but not everyone is in agreement on how to make tractor-trailers safer.

Drunk hit-and-run driver caught

Tragedy struck just a few minutes away from Tempe in San Tan Valley, law enforcement officials said. A 28-year-old Arizona woman was with members of her family, looking at damage to a vehicle done in a relatively minor motor vehicle accident in which there had been no injuries. As she stood there, a man police have said was driving while drunk struck her. His car dragged her into the roadway, police said. She was killed instantly. 

Is driving high as dangerous as driving drunk?

Arizona is one of about two dozen states that allow adult residents to purchase and use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Not far from us, Colorado has completely legalized recreational pot. These relatively recent relaxations in the law have made some people more comfortable with the idea that they can drive safely while high. The question many are asking: is driving high as dangerous as drunken driving?

Tempe's teens: dangerous drivers

As teenagers leave childhood behind and assume the responsibilities and freedom of adulthood, they are often in the awkward position of having a nearly grown-up body controlled by a youngster's mind. The combination of adult and child can make teenagers dangerous drivers who put themselves and others at risk of serious injuries in car accidents. We have more than our share of teens here in the Valley of the Sun, with a multitude of high schools and, of course, Tempe's Arizona State University.

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