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May 2016 Archives

Arizona Supreme Court does not answer long awaited question on AHCCCS liens.

Plaintiff personal injury lawyers have watched this case wind through the court system, and will continue to watch as the Arizona Supreme Court does not answer whether it is unlawful for hospitals to file balance bill liens after receiving payment from AHCCCS. Thus, some of the most vulnerable car accident victims are still subject to the possibility of the hospital receiving payment from AHCCCS, and then also trying to collect more money from the car accident settlement. Learn more here: AZCENTRAL Article

Why is it better to meet with a lawyer than a paralegal?

You came to a law firm to meet with a lawyer, not an assistant. We at the Accident Law Group are astonished that other law firms do not understand the importance of your meeting with an actual lawyer. Many law firms shuffle you from assistant to assistant, who simply fill out forms. That is not good enough.

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