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Cars that may help your teens avoid vehicle accidents

Keeping teen drivers safe is a big concern for most parents in the Phoenix area. Enhancing education and awareness about the dangers of driving is an invaluable tool in making sure inexperienced motorists remain safe. However, the vehicle you choose for your young drivers can also make a difference in increasing their safety and helping them avoid vehicle accidents.

The motor vehicles of today come equipped with a wide array of technology. It can be difficult for parents to know which of these advancements are the most important in boosting the safety of young motorists. Fortunately, a number of organizations have already done the research. The list below highlights some of the best cars and SUVs for young and inexperienced drivers.

  • Chevrolet Cruze
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Toyota Avalon
  • Chevrolet Malibu
  • Subaru Outback
  • Honda CR-V
  • Kia Sorento

4-vehicle accident in Phoenix leaves 1 critically injured

Every Phoenix driver takes the risk of getting hurt or killed in an auto collision when he or she gets on the road. Just the same, passengers in these vehicles are also at risk of suffering serious injuries or death in the event of a crash.

Nevertheless, modern society dictates that virtually every person must get on the road at some point to get to work, go shopping, take the kids to school and fulfill other daily needs.

2 Arizona residents hospitalized after suffering dog bites

One Arizona man's five best friends turned vicious near the end of August and attacked a woman and the man who owned the dogs. Both victims were transported to a nearby trauma center for treatment of their injuries. According to reports, the first responders who arrived at the scene witnessed the violent and bloody attack by the owner's five mixed breed dogs.

The animal attack occurred on a Saturday afternoon at approximately 4:30 in Northwest Phoenix. The 40-year-old woman was visiting the 62-year-old man at the time of the incident. In a separate news report, the woman said that the chair she was sitting in "gave way" and the dogs became startled.

Head injury due to a vehicle accident can have long-term effects

The immediate aftermath of a vehicle accident with injuries is nearly always traumatic. For many, it is a confusing and chaotic time as the body and the mind attempt to recover from the initial shock caused by the accident. Sometimes, injuries are readily apparent from broken bones to internal bleeding. Other times, the full extent of the victim's injuries does not reveal itself until a later time.

Head injuries are an example of damage that may not manifest until sometime after the accident. Victims who have suffered head injuries often think they have recovered fully from the vehicle accident. They return to their lives feeling better only to begin suffering strange and often unaddressed symptoms. Unfortunately, the life-changing effects of a head injury can last a lifetime even if they do not appear immediately.

How does an underinsured motorist accident claim work?

Unfortunately, a great many drivers in Phoenix do not have adequate auto insurance. This leaves victims of motor vehicle accidents struggling to find compensation in the aftermath. The problem of inadequate auto insurance is not localized to the Phoenix area; it is an issue that affects all residents of Arizona as well as those residing in other areas of the nation.

Because of the volume of underinsured motorist accidents, drivers do have a few options in the event of an accident. One of the best solutions involves acquiring uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, which is part of your own auto insurance policy. It will compensate you if you become involved in an underinsured motorist accident. However, this solution does you no good if you do not already have this coverage before the accident occurs.

Animal bites and rabies in the modern world

When talking about animal bites, one would be remiss in not touching on rabies. Even in the modern world, this terrible illness can wreak havoc on animals and humans alike. Many people living in Arizona believe that rabies is a thing of the past, but this condition can still pose a serious health risk to the public.

If you do not know, rabies occurs because of a virus that attacks the body's central nervous system. It can be transmitted to humans when they suffer a bite or a scratch from an infected animal. The amount of rabies cases occurring in the United States is low thanks to modern vaccines, but it is crucial to seek help immediately if you believe you have been exposed to the condition through an animal bite. Failure to seek treatment in time can result in death.

Why should you see a medical provider immediately after a crash?

After a crash, you might not feel too bad, but don't let that fool you. Adrenaline can disguise many injuries, simply because your body is trying to keep you alert and ready to flee or fight.

You need to see a medical provider after a crash no matter how you feel. At the scene, you shouldn't admit to feeling fine. Allow the medical provider to do his or her job to determine if you are okay or not.

What are the top causes of negligent vehicle accidents?

Almost everyone old enough to drive uses a motor vehicle regularly. Citizens in the Phoenix region of Arizona have come to rely on these machines to take them where they need to go as quickly as possible. Most people feel very confident that they can avoid vehicle accidents, but as you may already know, accidents can come out of nowhere.

Many things can cause a vehicle accident including weather or road conditions, the sudden appearance of wildlife on the road and poor visibility. As far as negligent vehicle accidents, patterns do exist and it is wise to become familiar with them in order to avoid or prevent motor vehicle accidents. The following list includes some of the most common ways negligence can play a role in Arizona vehicle accidents.

  • Distracted driving such as texting, eating or grooming
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • Disobeying traffic signals such as stop lights or signs
  • Speeding through road construction sites
  • Defective auto design and manufacturing
  • Failure to keep a safe distance behind other vehicles
  • Driving in a reckless and/or aggressive manner

Deadly truck accident kills 2 Arizona teens

All vehicle accidents have the potential to take lives, but crashes involving tractor-trailers are often more serious. The larger vehicle—in this case a semitruck—and its occupants usually comes out of the crash in better condition than those in the smaller vehicle do.

The residents of Fountain Hills, Arizona, know that better than most after a recent vehicle accident involving a semi and a passenger vehicle left two teenagers dead. According to reports, the vehicle accident occurred on SR-87 near Shea Boulevard at about 7:30 on a Thursday evening. Early information from the Arizona DPS (Department of Public Safety) indicates that the truck appeared to have run a red light before colliding with the car.

Animal bites can make you sick as well as injured

People across the nation love animals. They provide companionship, joy and love. Most of the time, animals pose little risk of injury but sometimes an animal, even a friend's trusted pet, can nip or bite humans.

Arizona is home to many pets, making those who live in our state at risk of suffering injuries from animal bites. While an animal bite can range from mild to severe, we want you to know that the consequences of animal bites can continue past the initial injury.

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