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Arizona working to stop wrong-way driving

In 2016, just two people were killed in wrong-way accidents in the state of Arizona. By the summer of 2017, a full seven people have already passed away in these accidents. Two recently died on State Route 51, and another driver died while hitting a commercial vehicle not a week before that.

I-17 crashes north of Tempe send 11 to the hospital

If you drive due north from Tempe on I-17, you will come to the area on the highway that was recently clogged with pedestrians. Yes, it is rare for pedestrians to stroll around on an interstate highway -- and it would normally be very dangerous -- but on this occasion cars and trucks were at a standstill for hours.

What to do, what to avoid after a car accident

It can happen before you have time to react or to understand the noises you are hearing and the jolts you are feeling. The sounds of squealing tires, crunching metal and shattering glass make it all clear, however, and you know without being told that you have been in a car crash.

What happens when automated trucks take to the road?

The possibility of having self-drivingĀ  cars on Arizona roads by the end of the decade becomes more of a reality with each passing year. But it is not just potential self-driving ubers or satellite guided taxis that drivers may have to worry about; automated semi-trucks may join drivers on highways.

Study: Distracted drivers cause more than half of all car crashes

While a lot of media attention has been focused recently on Uber's experiment with self-driving cars here in Tempe, there has been significantly less scrutiny lately of cars piloted by people. A new study indicates far too many drivers are not paying attention when behind the wheel.

Doubts about safety of self-driving vehicles in Tempe

The Insurance Journal is an industry media outlet, tracking news around the country of interest to insurers. Unsurprisingly, the Journal has been following developments in the recent Tempe crash involving an Uber driverless car. The publication says the police report after the collision between an Uber SUV and a human-driven vehicle at the intersection of McClintock Drive and Don Carlos Avenue "suggests autonomous software sometimes takes the same risks as the humans it may one day replace."

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